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Your daily face and skin care routine, traditionally handmade in a copper vessel with Nei Native’s A2 Bilona Ghee & Mineral Water.
With its healing properties, Shata Dhauta Ghrita penetrates deep into the skin, helping cure eczema, psoriasis, rashes, cuts and cracks & skin irritation. An anti aging cream, it also helps reduce pigmentation and dark circles, lightens scars and blemishes.
It simultaneously moisturises, making you naturally radiant.

Ingredients – A2 Ghee, Mineral Water, Natural Essential Oil Infusion
Shelf Life – 4 months
Store in cool, dry place and shut the lid tight after using the product with clean, dry hands

Usage – Use Daily for hands, face, lips, under the eyes and rest of the body as required as a night time routine for skin rejuvenation and repair. Use as a day care cream as it also is a natural sunscreen.

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Pristine by nei native: a modern interpretation of shata dhauta ghrita

discover the timeless elegance of shata dhauta ghrita

Welcome to pristine by nei native, where we blend the ancient wisdom of ayurveda with modern innovation to bring you shata dhauta ghrita in its purest, most luxurious form. Our interpretation of this time-honored skincare solution stays true to its roots while embracing contemporary advancements to deliver unmatched benefits for your skin.

what is shata dhauta ghrita?

Shata dhauta ghrita, a revered formulation in ayurveda, translates to “100 times washed ghee.” traditionally, it involves washing ghee (clarified butter) a hundred times with purified water in a copper vessel. This meticulous process transforms the ghee into a silky, cooling cream known for its exceptional moisturizing and healing properties.

the nei native difference

At pristine by nei native, we honor the traditional methods while incorporating modern precision and quality control to ensure the highest standards. Our shata dhauta ghrita is crafted with:

Premium quality A2 ghee: nei native’s a2 desi cow cultured ghee, arguably the best ghee in india.
Purified water: used in the washing process to guarantee purity and safety.
Copper vessels: employed to maintain the integrity and enhance the properties of the ghee.

benefits of pristine by nei native’s shata dhauta ghrita

Our shata dhauta ghrita offers a multitude of skin benefits, making it an essential addition to your skincare routine:

Deep moisturization: penetrates deeply to hydrate and nourish even the driest skin.
Soothing and cooling: provides immediate relief from inflammation, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
Natural healing: aids in the repair of damaged skin, reducing scars, blemishes, and sunburn.
Anti-aging properties: rich in antioxidants, it helps in minimizing fine lines and promoting youthful, glowing skin.

how to use

Incorporating pristine by nei native’s shata dhauta ghrita into your daily regimen is simple and rewarding. Apply a small amount to your face and body after cleansing, massaging gently until fully absorbed. For optimal results, use it twice daily, morning and night.

our commitment to sustainability

We are dedicated to ensuring that our products not only benefit your skin but also respect the environment. Our packaging is eco-friendly, and we prioritize sustainable practices in sourcing and production.

experience pristine purity

Transform your skincare routine with the timeless elegance of shata dhauta ghrita, reimagined for the modern world by nei native. Experience the pristine purity and discover the natural beauty that comes from embracing tradition with a contemporary twist.

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Lavender, Orange, Lemongrass, Sandalwood

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