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Experience the bold and rich flavour of coffee anytime, anywhere with our convenient and delicious instant coffee – your perfect on-the-go companion.

If your day doesn’t start without a strong morning brew, then Nei Native’s Instant Coffee Powder is your perfect solution. Get that perfect aroma and flavour you’ve been seeking to invigorate your day. Our heady blend is handcrafted with AAA Arabica and Robusta beans ethically sourced from the plantations of Coorg.

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Our Promise

Modern fast-paced lifestyle::

Coffee is mean to no one. You may be pressed against time, but cannot be left deprived of the heady aroma and boldness of this energetic drink. Just mix it with hot water or milk and get going.

Coffee and conversations:

Coffee is undoubtedly a conversation starter, equally enjoyed in close company as much as with colleagues.


Whisk it with equal parts sugar or jaggery to enjoy it the Dolgona way or simply mix it with a bit of water and add hot milk. It can also cool your summers in the form of a Greek Frappe or the classic cold coffee. Trust us, there is no wrong way to consume instant coffee.

Make the most of Coffee


Flavour it with your choice of spice

Adding a drop of vanilla or a dash of cinnamon can transform your coffee into a plush beverage. If you are experimental enough, boil some fennel seeds with a small stick of cinnamon and pour over the coffee powder. Add milk of your choice.


Whisk it into a dessert

Cookies, cakes, icing, puddings, you name it and we have a dessert that can easily accommodate coffee. Instant coffee makes it easy to flavour your dessert preparations. Goes best with chocolate.

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Is instant coffee any less than filter coffee?
While filter coffee offers a richer and more customisable taste, instant coffee provides convenience and consistency. It is an individual choice guided by preferences - either depth of flavour or speed of preparation.
From where are the coffee beans sourced?
Our coffee beans are sourced from Coorg and Chikmagalur.
What is the shelf life of instant coffee powder?
9 months
What is the blend of Nei Native’s Instant Coffee?
Arabica (40%), Robusta (40%), and Chicory (20%).