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Nei Native

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Nitya Ganapathy launched Nei Native with Rs 5 lakh after quitting her 23-year corporate career

“Nei Native aims to reinvent the long-forgotten aromas and flavours along with their core purity and goodness intact. We make arguably the finest A2 Cultured Cow Ghee in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre SKUs,” says Nitya.

Featured Articles, Nei Native

This woman entrepreneur used her mom's traditional receipes to launch a Ghee Brand

Often referred to as liquid gold, ghee has anti-inflammatory properties, aids in digestion, and proves to be a great immunity booster. With an intent to revive the old method of preparing ghee, Nitya Ganapathy launched Nei Native in 2021.

Featured Articles, Nei Native

Nei Native, a brand by a mother-daughter duo is producing homemade ghee at a farm in Palghar!

Using a family farm in Palghar, Maharashtra, Nitya Ganapathy, through her venture, Nei Native, provides homemade ghee produced with the traditional method.

Featured Articles, Nei Native

Woman Uses Mom’s Traditional Recipes to Launch Ghee Brand & Earn Rs 10 Lakh/Month

Nitya and Jayalakshmi Ganapathy, residents of Mumbai, launched Nei Native, a venture that aims to bring back the traditional bilona method of ghee making.

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Entrepreneurial Potential in Traditional Indian Foods: Case of Nei Native-Ms Nitya Ganapathy

WiseViews Leadership Conversations - Webinar on "Entrepreneurial Potential in Traditional Indian Foods: The Case of Nei Native" by Ms. Nitya Ganapathy, Founder & CEO, NEI Native.

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Crafting Delicious handcrafted hampers - Bombay Times

Deepti Gujral, Nitya Ganapathy and Candice Pinto with Neinative handcrafted hamper for Bombay Times.

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This woman entrepreneur is reviving the lost art of ghee-making with D2C startup Nei Native

Nitya Ganapathy founded D2C startup Nei Native last year, offering homemade, handcrafted ghee made using a traditional family recipe. The family enterprise, which also offers filter coffee powder, and thirattipaal, a Tamil dessert, aims to launch more products this year.

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Mumbai Woman Launches Ghee Brand With Mom’s Recipes; Earns ₹10 Lakhs A Month

Nitya Ganapathy and her mother, 68-year-old Jayalakshmi Ganapathy decided to introduce India to ‘nei’, homemade ghee prepared using the traditional bilona method. Today, the Mumbai residents’ ghee brand, Nei Native has become an instant success with the duo earning ₹10 lakhs per month.

Featured Articles, Nei Native

Neinative A2 Ghee in Filmfare Hamper

Hamper for the Wolf777 News Filmfare Awards 2022 by Izzhaar with amazing goodies from Nei Native, Dorje tea and Sexybeast.

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