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Nei Native

A2 Desi Cultured Cow Ghee

100% Authentic A2 Desi Cultured Cow Ghee made from Pure A2 Desi Cow Milk.

What is A2 Desi Cow Ghee?

A2 Desi Cow Ghee is the purest form of ghee made entirely from the milk extracted from desi cows. It is prepared by following the traditional bilona or churning method.

Procured from the A2 Milk, Nei Native A2 Cultured Cow Ghee is a healthy & nutrition enriched desi ghee that is unparalleled in terms of aroma, nutty flavor and granular texture. Packed in a glass jar, its quality and golden texture remains just brilliant.

So what is Bilona Method? Is it really that traditional?

Desi Ghee or Bilona Ghee is also called the golden medicine of Ayurveda. It is also called clarified butter. Ayurveda speaks of innumerable benefits of Ghee consumption. A few of those include strengthening immunity, weight loss, and improving digestion.

But all these said benefits are a result of the consumption of ‘Pure Desi Cow Ghee’ which is made using the Traditional Bilona Process. There have been various improvisations in the process of making Ghee. Every household has now developed their own technique of making ghee with some modifications/alterations in the Ayurvedic process.

There are 5 steps involved to make authentic A2 Desi Cow Ghee from Pure A2 Cow Milk.

A2 Desi Cow Ghee, Nei Native

Step 1: Boiling raw A2 milk

The quality of ghee is dependent on the quality of milk and the quality of grass intake by the cow. Other factors like weather, the health of the cow, and living conditions also have some impact on the quality of milk. Around 25-30 liters of Cow milk is required to make 1 liter of Ghee.

A2 Desi Cow Ghee, Nei Native

Step 2: Setting up curds

Curd or Yogurt is made out of this Milk. Curd can be made by mixing a spoonful of existing curd that you have in the milk. After the first step of boiling the milk, you can mix in a spoonful of existing curd or any other natural sour ingredient like a few drops of lemon juice or tamarind in this and then rest this mix in a warm place overnight. Once the Curd is set, it is advisable to keep it in a cool place before the churning process.

A2 Desi Cow Ghee, Nei Native

Step 3: Churning of curds

The Curd / Yogurt is then churned using a wooden churner called Bilona. Churning the milk in two motions - Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise - is the correct way of churning. This can be a lengthy process. Once the curd gets separated into Butter and Butter Milk, we get the Loni / Makkhan.

A2 Desi Cow Ghee, Nei Native

Step 4: Heating makkhan (fat)

The Makkhan/Loni is now put in a brass uruli and heated on a low-to-medium heat. This process is where all the water is boiled away. Once the butter starts becoming clear and there is a visible layer of solids at the bottom of the pot the ghee is almost ready. The Ghee will start emitting the peculiar aroma once it is ready. The time of boiling this liquid will eventually decide its flavour and aroma.

A2 Desi Cow Ghee, Nei Native

Step 5: Final Packaging

The final step is where the Golden liquid ghee is strained through a strainer and stored in jars for use later. It is extremely important to pour the Ghee in a dry jar as water will spoil the Ghee. Ghee does not need refrigeration.

Pure A2 Desi Ghee is now ready to be delivered all over India*

Happy Customers ❤

"Oh my my! A2 Ghee has amazing taste, texture and colour. It also smells good. The first bite of my roti took me into a complete trance to my pind (village) it reminded me of my grandparents and my mom who used to make the ghee at home. Must try! You have to believe me! Absolutely heavenly delight! Great packaging!"
Gurdeep Kaur
"Nei Native tastes exactly like the homemade ghee made by my mother when I was a child. It reminded me of Sunday family lunches and I just gorged on the nostalgia."
Urmila Dasgupta

Promise of Health, Quality & Purity 💛

There are innumerable benefits to switching to the Nei Native A2 Cultured Cow Ghee. It strengthens the immune system, helps in digestion and weight control, improves good cholesterol (HDL), and reduces bad cholesterol (LDL). It’s rich in antioxidants and nutrients and is great not just for the body, but for the skin and hair too.

Feeling of Nostalgia ❤

Made from an age-old family recipe, passed down from generation to generation, Nei Native’s A2 Cultured Desi Cow Ghee envelops you in the loving warmth of nostalgia. It’ll remind you of your childhood home and Mom’s cooking at her best! The perfection of Nani’s recipes and Dadi’s extra dollop of love – all made perfect with Nei Native.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ghee, when made using pure A2 milk, which has only A2 Beta casein (a type of protein), is called A2 ghee. This type of protein is found in the milk of only some native Indian breeds of cows and some other animals like the Indian buffalo, goat, sheep, camel, etc.
The ghee obtained from A2 milk is superior in taste, is healthier and good for digestion. A2 cow ghee is grainy in texture and is made by heating butter on low flame for a long duration.
Apart from the goodness and purity that only handcrafted and homemade ghee can provide, the real superiority of our product is this the testimonial that every patron alludes to, of the nostalgia it induces instantly; something no other brand does as they are not personally crafted to perfection every morning and delivered by evening! The pricing of Nei Native Ghee stems from the high quality full cream milk and each 500 gram jar requires about 12 litres of full cream milk without any additives or preservatives or adulteration. Even if you don’t take the retail cost of full cream milk (which is anywhere between Rs 90 to 110 per litre) but milk sourced straight from the wholesaler, the rate is between Rs 70 to 80 per litre. The cost hence is appx Rs 1000+ per 500 grams only for the milk, labour, gas and bottling. This doesn’t even include delivery and packaging. The selling price of Rs 1550 considering the above cost is hardly high and fully justified only when it’s aroma, texture and flavour is imbued- something the Indian ghee consumer has not had in years, reminisces of her mother or grandmother instantly after having Nei Native, and rediscovers what has been lost for ages, reigniting memories for her as well as her family which we have managed to resurrect! One other point to note is that, A2 Ghee is different from normal ghee – because it’s A2 Cultured Ghee – which means the Ghee has been made using bilona method – taking butter from the cream of curd (and not cream of milk)!
The easiest method to check the purity is by melting it in a pan. Put a pan on medium heat and let it heat for a while, now add a teaspoon of ghee to it. If the ghee melts immediately and turns dark brownish in colour, then it is pure A2 ghee.
3 Reasons why A2 ghee is the better choice : – A1 protein is known to be harmful to the body, specifically affecting lactose intolerant individuals. This is also the protein which is known to be less digestible than A2 protein. – A1 milk and hence, A1 ghee comes from a genetically modified breed of Cow called as Holstein / Jersey cow while A2 milk or A2 ghee comes from primitive form of breed a.k.a Desi Gir cow which was never mutated. – Desi Gir cows are generally Indian or African indigenous cows which produce up to 6 litres of milk per day. The Holstein breed of Cow was bred in our pursuit of better productivity & cheaper cost since they can produce up to 20 litres of milk per day. This also explains why A2 Milk and A2 Ghee are more expensive than A1 Milk and A1 Ghee respectively.
A2 milk ghee is one of the most easily digestible dairy fats. This makes it an ideal choice for consumption by all age groups. It helps prevent constipation, aids digestion and detoxifies the body. This ghee contains butyric acid, which nourishes the body.
The high level of Omega-3 fatty acids present in this ghee is said to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. The desi cow ghee rich in A2 protein helps build up HDLs or High-Density Lipoproteins that combat cholesterol levels by extracting them out of the bloodstream.
Here, at Nei Native, we strive to lead you away from the unfamiliar and take you back to that feeling. With our handmade products and artisanal delicacies, we wish to bring you that feeling of nostalgia, the flavours, and the aromas of home, no matter where you are.

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Wondering what’s a2 ghee and the difference between a1 vs a2 ghee? A1 ghee comes from A1 milk and A2 cow ghee comes from A2 milk. That’s the major difference between a1 and a2 ghee. Milk contains a protein called Beta Casein which is also called A1 protein, so A1 ghee has A1 protein. Thus, the milk which contains A2 protein is A2 milk, and while comparing the a1 vs a2 ghee there’s no A1 protein in A2 ghee. A1 protein is known to be dangerous to the body, specifically affecting lactose intolerant individualities. The A2 Ghee benefits in Ayurveda are lost when one uses A1 ghee. A1 is also the protein that’s known to be less digestible than A2 protein. The question, thus, is how to be sure about buying a1 vs a2 ghee and get the A2 Ghee benefits. There are two essential differences-a strain of cow and the process of ghee birth.

 A1 milk and hence, A1 ghee comes from a genetically modified strain of Cow called Holstein/ Jersey cow while A2 milk or A2 ghee comes from a primitive form of strain a.k.a Desi Gir. Desi Gir cows are generally Indian or African indigenous cows which produce up to 6 liters of milk per day. The Holstein strain of Cow was bred in our pursuit of better productivity & cheaper cost since they can produce up to 20 liters of milk per day. This also explains the A1 vs A2 ghee difference and why A2 Milk and A2 Ghee are more precious than A1 Milk and A1 Ghee independently.

Another a1 vs a2 ghee difference is in the process of making ghee. A good quality A2 ghee isn’t only made from A2 milk but also from the traditional Bilona process of Ghee making. Milk is first turned into curd by using a microbe culture. Churn the curd with Bilona Method as mentioned in Ayurveda for hours to separate the adulation before boiling it to turn it into ghee. So A2 ghee from Gir Cow Ghee has all benefits mentioned in Ayurveda.

Cow milk contains both A1 beta-casein protein and A2 beta-casein protein. But ultramodern exploration has underscored that A2 protein is healthier than A1 protein. It’s believed that the milk of the Desi cow has further A2 protein. While in India, the benefits of Desi cow milk and its ghee has always been known, A2 milk was firstly popularized in Australia, New Zealand, China, the United States, and the United Kingdom by numerous A2 Milk Company.

No doubt, the milk of the Gir Desi cow is better and has further health benefits. Also, it’s thicker in thickness and produces further ghee. The ghee attained from A2 milk is superior in taste, is healthier, and is good for digestion. A2 cow ghee is coarse in texture and is made by hotting adulation on low heat for a long duration.

 The A2 cow ghee has amino acids which make it easier to digest. It’s further nutritional and is well permitted by lactose-intolerant people and those suffering from IBS.

 It’s a rich source of unalloyedanti-oxidants, vitamin A, a superior quality protein, and a variety of micronutrients that help in erecting immunity. Pure cow ghee is a part of several Ayurvedic drugs which explains its significant part in maintaining health.

 The high position of Omega-3 adipose acids present in this ghee is said to be salutary for cardiovascular health. The desi cow ghee rich in A2 protein helps make up HDLs or High- Viscosity Lipoproteins that combat cholesterol situations by rooting them out of the bloodstream. Also, the presence of proline helps strengthen heart muscles.

A2 Cow Ghee can be considered as the purest type of Ghee which is made from the milk that’s uprooted from desi cows. It’s made through the traditional churning system in which the desi cow milk is disgruntled and also it’s churned by hand or machine, the adulation formed in this process is also hotted till the ghee is attained.

 It’s a better volition to the regular cow ghee as it’s made from A2 cow milk which doesn’t contain a type of protein that is mischievous for the mortal body and increases the negative side goods for the lactose dogmatism which is known as β-casein protein or A1 protein.

 This type of ghee is a hustler of nutrition that is suitable for all age groups. It’s free of any chemicals or complements and has a veritably rich and royal aroma which when added to our everyday refections makes it largely nutritional and lip-smacking. Along with being consumed directly, it’s also used in beauty products for skin and hair. In India, no pooja or traditional function can be completed without the use of ghee.

 India leads the world as the largest patron and consumer of A2 Cow Ghee and other products made from A2 Cow Milk

Neinative brings to you A2 Cow Ghee made from desi cow’s milk. It’s free of any other complements and is largely nutritional. Do add it to the diurnal diet of your family and feel the difference.


 Benefits of A2 Ghee

  • It contains a large number of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.
  • It helps in the proper digestion of foods.
  • It helps in boosting immunity and reduces inflammation in the body.
  • Free of complements and chemicals.
  • Good for bone health.
  • Good for heart health as it contains high situations of omega 3 adipose acids which help in adding good cholesterol.

 Uprooted from the A2 Grade Milk, Neinative A2 Milk Ghee is a healthy & nutrition enriched desi ghee that’s incredibly flavourful & nutritional ghee rich in Omega-3 and adipose acids. Neinative A2 Desi Cow ghee is one of its kind because of the Bilona method used in its making process. Packed in a glass jar, its quality, and golden texture remains the same throughout the trip. The consumption of A2 cow ghee has been in the picture from ancient times and is considered to be a superfood and immunity booster.

The A2-Grade Milk that’s used to make A2 ghee is known to be one of the healthiest cow milk to have ever been. Similar grade milk is planted in the Gir cows and is turned into ghee using the Bilona method of churning. With the right sentiment of feeding the pins first, the milk is also collected from the cows and put to boil in earthen pots. After boiling the milk on wood and fire, it’s left outdoors overnight for it to curdle. The disgruntled milk is also churned which separates the buttermilk from fresh butter. This Bilona processed ghee is also frequently known as Bilona Ghee or Bilona Method Ghee.

The A2 Gir Cow Ghee is unlike any normal cow or desi ghee as it’s made from the milk of Gir cows that are lawn-fed. Lawn feeding is the stylish way of giving food to cows as it improves their vulnerable system, lowers blood sugar regulation, lowers body fat, and provides them with long and healthy lives. This in turn improves the quality of milk that cows produce, performing in the modern quality of healthy & nutrition-rich desi ghee.

 Consumption and operation of 100% Pure A2 cow ghee can help arthritis pains and give relief from joint pains. Ghee is a natural lubricant that helps ameliorate the bone viscosity of the knees.

 Being rich in Omega-3 and 6, this A2 Desi Gir Cow ghee is proven to ameliorate heart health and help maintain weight. A2 Cow Ghee is a better volition than other forms of fat similar to adulation. A2 Desi Ghee doesn’t include bad fats that might harm your heart’s health. It also keeps at bay life-changing conditions like cancer etc.

Neinative A2 Desi Ghee improves your digestion capacity as it’s known to enhance the immersion of food in the small intestine. It also helps drop the acid present in the gastrointestinal tract.

 Neinative A2 Desi Ghee is known to increase bone density and thus is great for newborn babies. Massaging newborns using ghee will make bones strong. The ghee also aids in treating wakefulness as it cures colorful scarcities in the body that might affect your sleep.

 This superfood is an anti-aging mantra as it’s rich in antioxidants and other forms of nutrients. The ghee improves your skin’s texture and provides youngish-looking and glowing skin.


A2 Gir Cow Ghee Benefits in Ayurveda


  1. Ghee for Constipation

 Now that you know what’s a2 ghee when considering a1 vs a2 ghee, A2 Ghee when consumed in temperance reduces cholesterol by adding the donation of lipids towards metabolism. A2 Ghee or Gir Cow Ghee benefits as per Ayurveda helps strengthen your vulnerable system. Further, it keeps constipation at bay by moisturizing the body from outside. A common Gir Cow Ghee benefit proved in Ayurveda is to drink milk with ghee before sleeping as milk with ghee helps with constipation. To gain all the Gir Cow Ghee Benefits in Ayurveda, you may also have a spoon of Ghee every morning empty stomach to help constipation. The same cannot be said about A1 ghee when it comes to the a1 vs a2 ghee comparison.


  1. Ghee for Immunity

 Gir cow ghee benefits in Ayurveda are multitudinous. It’s known to strengthen the vulnerable system, boost energy situations, reduce inflammation and indeed maintain heart health. Rich in multitudinous vitamins, A2 ghee is extremely good for your skin, sight, and brain health. Anti-inflammation is a foundation for a healthy vulnerable system. A2 Ghee is known to help inflammation in our bodies.


  1. Ghee for Navel (Belly Button)

 Our navel is surely an amazing thing. All our modes are connected to our navel, which makes it the focal point of our body. The belly button is life itself. The belly button isn’t just a bitsy fleck it’s a chamber that holds the result to numerous health problems. Whatever canvas or carrier you choose- be it coconut, mustard, or rosemary, it’ll be useful for you! The easiest thing available in the utmost of the Indian homes is A2 ghee. Ghee is great not only for chapped lips in downtime but also for moisturizing the belly button. The benefits of lubricating the belly button using A2 ghee have been one of the most popular Ayurvedic practices. Do give it a pass and see how it enhances your senses and health.

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